WOW movie sequel-The Fall of The Lich King

“It’s over, no eternal kingship, my son.”

“In front of me, only darkness.”

— Excerpt from the story CG World of Warcraft 4.3

Movie Title: “World of Warcraft: Fall of the Lich King” (Warcraft: The Fall of The Lich King)

The main roles: Tirion Fordring / Bolvar / Sylvanas

Video status: The True Story Part IV

Synopsis : Hand Silver Knights members had Tirion Fordring because the protection orcs friend and was exiled , Uther best friend was killed in Alsace , the Knights of the Silver Hand was also the Scourge destroyed. He decided to bid farewell to the seclusion of the Knights of the Silver Hand reconstruction , as old friends revenge. Light’s Hope Chapel in the war, he took from the hands of the artifact Mogelaini Ashbringer against the Scourge , powerful forces push back the invasion of the Light Lich King , but also let people see the dawn of victory . Fuding subsequent formation of silver Expedition went cold Northrend and the Lich King finally broke the ice cap base fortress with the help of the Alliance and Horde , to slay the Lich King , the end of the Scourge in Azeroth Las raging on the continent .

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