Video status : Story prequel

She now looks bigger, it becomes strong. In fact, they have played the same four dragon changes . Winged heart chill of death , he felt this is a perfect plan seems out of a fatal error.

‘Do you feel the same? You feel it ! ‘ Malygos constantly repeated. ‘ I’m a self- reply ! What a great thing ! ‘

” It is time ! ” Brood replied , his eyes shining like gems unusually bright light. “Yes, it is time !

Ysera opened her eyes, beautiful eyes , the moment her eyes are so striking that Deathwing only trying to avoid eye contact with her . ” The nightmare is over ,” she muttered. ” Our dream is finally becoming a reality ! ”

Alexstrasza nodded. “We have lost , has been returned to us. Demon Soul …… Demon Soul does not exist anymore .”

“Impossible ! ” Dragon growled. ” Lies ! Is all a lie ! ”

“No,” Red Dragon corrected . ” The only thing that needs to be corrected is what you call a lie undefeated body .”

— Taken from the Warcraft novels , ” Dragon Age”

Movie Title : ” Dragon Era ” (Age of Dragons)

Role: Ronin / temperature Leisha / Alexstrasza

Video status : Story prequel

Synopsis : brilliant and maverick problem is Kirin Tor mages Ronin stubborn old guy who sent the enemy’s territory to perform ” reconnaissance ” mission , but unexpectedly encounter beautiful High Elf Ranger Vereesa Windrunner and other companions , who played for several Wildhammers forces battle front with the orcs , and gradually uncover a huge conspiracy veil. With the help of partners under their Castle Grim Batol raid , destroying the evil artifact ” Demon Soul ” , the red dragon queen Alexstrasza freed from the control of the Dragonmaw orcs , Red Dragon Queen and other assistance beat together the fallen guardian dragon Deathwing , took over the Kirin Tor , partnering with Vereesa , the cause of love double harvest .

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