Motion picture version of WOW

“Warcraft movie is done shooting 3weeks from today-holly shnikey director states in 5th May the year 2013,”filming coming to an in depth in June,movie anticipated in theaters in early 2016.”

After fixation, your film’s post-production carried out by Industrial Light and also Magic. Release date can be March 11, 2016. The actual film has a Chinese language Film Corporation to spend, then, if the where you live now release, Film enjoy shows authorship and global divided.

In previous reports, could from the “Source Value” director Duncan Jones (Duncan Jones) directed the actual “Warcraft” has officially started out shooting the film model, this film brings jointly a number of stars have already tempt each of our appetite. But today, this director said on Facebook, “World of Warcraft” film version live interpretation connected with Phase 3 weeks after fixing!

Although the movie named “World of World of warcraft”, but only because of its popularity, the story nonetheless dominated stand-alone type, location shooting in Iceland will also ice castle, yes, the part of the film plus the Lich King, the primary line of Al Texas story, while Soundtrack will use some of the “Wow,” the original song, even though adding some new authentic song.

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