Ice bomb too strong so need to read the article

“World of Warcraft ” King 6.0 Delano piece of information on the latest Blue push: Ice Bomb too so you need to read the article , warfare and violent war in the future will be more significant distinction more obvious cycle of warfare , while there will be changes in the future raid loot is still picking up and will not release personal trading restrictions .

Profession:Death Knight

Scent of Blood seems to “need” multiple attack, which is the design intent it?

Yes . Blood talent from multiple combat some basic skills to benefit .

Two issues need to clarify .

1 are you going to fix the harvest and death frost runes ?

This is on our list , but I do not know when the correction .

2, with the cold touch the frost runes into death runes to aoe feel very bad. What are you doing it?

No, we designed it just takes a long time to use in your aoe, or emergency situations.

But do you think it continues to wod , our goal is not aoe and turn a serious slowdown yet ?

When you say “serious slowdown “, you are referring to more quickly aoe / transfer target ?

I think you hit the 5.2 solves the problem with shadow single goal. Just think wod in aoe speed will be slow.

aoe foreplay how long depends only on your rune regeneration rate , I do not remember any changes.

I think you should let all the runes called permanent death runes . On this basis, then re- open to the derivatives .

Objective and impartial , death knight resource system is too complicated. Currently no plans to change .

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