About Us

We have the WoW experience of 8 years.We are the professional wow services provider which provides you with cheap wow Gold, safe wow Powerleveling,and other products that you want to buy.

We have the best After-sales service and the principle of compensation
①Buyers need provide the official mail and screenshots, game servers, factions and order number, character name, World of Warcraft game account name to receive the number of gold or irregular time consistent.
② Only the official mail receipt role receiving stolen virtual items to freeze and confiscate the gold, only give a refund if the official description is illegal earnings or offline transaction reason to freeze, will not be given a resend.
③ If the purchase of gold through the transfer of that buyer to transfer gold to other character, which leads character name account to be banned. If you are not able to verify the actual situation, can not be resent.
④ When the purchase orders for multiple sellers, the burden of proof which an order whoes character is frozen, such as the burden of proof can not be, can not be reissued.
⑤ When Payout established, we will be the first time to contact the merchant Payout. Expected processing time up to 3-4 working days, the last claims the businesses directly Loss buyer. If it is a large businesses, the businessman is only willing to compensate half of the order, such as 50k or more.

You can feel free and safe to buy our products here. Our goal is to make you feel satisfied with our service and enjoy yourself in wow. As one of the most reliable wow services providers, we have always been trying our best to serve for our customers.

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